Road Surfacing Essentials

At FTH Hire Group, we stock a wide range of surfacing tools for road construction, maintenance and most importantly for road repairs. Find out what you can buy at our Trade Counters within this Blog Post

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Have You Met Our Chelmsford Team?

If you have construction projects in the Essex area, you should check out our Hire Hub in Chelmsford. Here, we can supply you with the best quality machinery and tools for all size of building project.

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The FTH Guide to Diamond Blades

You’ve hired your saw or cutting equipment – now you need to choose a diamond blade for your job. But which one do I need? This guide will give you an insight into which one to choose.

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Hire Equipment Your Event Can Rely On

If you're organising a large-scale event this summer and require reliable event hire equipment, look no further then FTH Hire Group. We have an extensive inventory of over 2000 products available.

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Don’t Forget To Pick Up Your PPE!

In the world of construction, safety isn't just an option — it's a necessity. And at the centre of every safe construction site lies a simple yet indispensable tool: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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Why Choose FTH

FTH Hire Group work across the South East of England and also Scotland, providing quality plant machinery, tools and other accessories for hire. But what makes us different from other plant and tool hire companies?

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Tool Hire for Easter DIY Jobs

Easter is usually the time when our thoughts turn to spring and summer. It may also be time to start or complete some of those planned DIY projects you have put off over the wet and cold winter.

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What To Consider When Hiring A Roller

Compaction is the first step in any major construction job. Rollers work by compacting foundation and base materials, essential if you want a stable surface with significantly increased load bearing capacity.

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Ensuring Safety and Success at Outdoor Events

To ensure a memorable and safe outdoor event, organisers must always carefully consider the equipment needed that will help to ensure safety for all attendees as well as staff. It must also ensure smooth running for all aspects of the event. Having the right equipment at your disposal is essential.

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Our 2024 FTH Hire Catalogue

The 2024 FTH Hire Group catalogue is now available, either digitally or as a brochure for you to take away. This is a valuable resource for both trade professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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Our Promise To You

FTH Hire always make the promise to our customers that we have our Core 80 range of products always in stock and ready for hire. Hence our bold strapline “Quality Equipment Always in Stock”.

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Have You Visited Our Trade Counters?

Our Trade Counters are a must for customers who are passing by or coming in to collect hire equipment. In the realm of construction and DIY, time is money, and having the right tools at your fingertips is paramount.

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All About Airdrie!

Our Airdrie Hire Hub is based in Lanarkshire, in the prime central belt of Scotland to provide plant and tool hire throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

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Why Hire a Telehandler?

At the FTH Hire Group, we have different sized telehandlers available for hiring, from 4m to 18m Telehandler forklifts. Find out more

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How To Keep Your Construction Site Running Through the Winter Months

As the weather is starting to turn a bit colder, it’s becoming clear that winter is just around the corner. Weather conditions can certainly cause adverse problems on construction sites.

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8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mini Digger

The FTH Hire Group have put together 8 things to consider when hiring a mini digger for your next project.

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Accreditation from The Hire Association Europe

FTH Hire are very proud to have been awarded an accreditation from The Hire Association Europe.

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Looking to Hire an Electric Mini Loader? A Few Reasons Why

Do you require a versatile machine that’s able to move and transport materials across your construction site? Then you’ll more than likely be looking at a mini loader.

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A Guide to General Building & Site Equipment Hire

When it comes to construction projects, having the right equipment to get the job done is essential. Find out more here.

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Independent Hire joins the FTH Hire Group

FTH Hire Group is delighted to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Independent Hire in Chelmsford, Essex.

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Essential Equipment For a Successful Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event can seem like an overwhelming task, even for the most experienced organisers. To ensure a memorable outdoor event, organisers must carefully consider the equipment needed that will help make everything a little bit easier.

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Our Core 80 Product Promise

To those who have not hired from The FTH Hire Group yet, our Core 80 Product Promise guarantees that we will always have 80 of our most popular plant, tools and other equipment, always available and in stock to hire.

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Reliable Tools and Machinery…Delivered!

If your machine breaks down it seriously impacts your schedule. It can cause all sorts of problems with crew, time wastage, lack of customer service as well as costing you more money!

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FTH add new Crushers to its Fleet

We are pleased to announce that two new crushers from Red Rhino have been added to FTH’s hire fleet for 2023.

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Arvill joins the FTH Hire Group

FTH Hire Group are delighted to announce the acquisition of Arvill Plant & Tool Hire based in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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Free Delivery when you Hire an Ecosmart Welfare Unit

The Ecosmart Welfare Unit is an ultra-modern temporary facility – packed with the latest technology and is a vital piece of equipment during the cold winter months ahead.

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Excavator & Forklift Attachments Available from FTH Hire Group

At FTH Hire Group - we offer a wide range of attachments to make your excavator far more than just a digging machine.

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Surveying Equipment Available to Hire from FTH

Our surveying equipment can help you make sure your construction project is as safe and accurate as possible, and help you plan out your construction process to the last detail.

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Why Choose FTH?

We believe hiring from FTH Hire Group gives you many more benefits, and why we think you should choose FTH as your plant, tool and equipment hire company.

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Tools & Equipment for Woodwork and Fixing Projects

FTH Hire Group has always supplied customers with a wide range of tools and equipment for our customers. Now with an ever-growing number of Hire Hubs in the South East, it has never been easier to hire plant machinery, equipment and tools for your construction project.

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FTH Hire Group Attending Kent Construction Expo 2022

FTH Hire Group are looking forward to attending the Kent Construction Expo once again this year.

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Our Extensive Hire Hub Network

With new hire hubs in Horsham and Southampton, and a new facility in Guildford; it has never been easier to find a hire hub near you.

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Our Core 80 Tools & Equipment Range Available to Hire

At FTH we are committed to providing quality equipment to our customers, that’s always in stock. Our Core 80 Product Promise is just one of the ways we aim to achieve this.

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Ecovolve Electric Dumpers Remain a Popular Part of the FTH Hire Group Range

As the demand for electric plant machinery is increasing, FTH Hire Group are working hard to make sure we can continue to supply all our customers with dependable electric plant machinery.

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Have you Considered the Switch to Eco-Plant Hire?

FTH Hire Group are always looking for the latest innovations in plant machinery and equipment that will help to improve our offering as well as service to customers.

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Event Hire Services Available from FTH Hire Group

With such a wide range of equipment from FTH Hire Group, we have all kinds of event hire equipment that is necessary for running large and small-scale events this summer.

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New FTH Hire Group Hub in Southampton is now Open

We are incredibly pleased to announce that our 8th FTH Hire Hub in Southampton is now open.

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Why you should use a Reputable Plant Hire Company

At FTH Hire Group we pride ourselves as an extremely reputable plant hire company. All of the staff at our hire hubs across the South East consistently strive to ensure they are providing the best possible service to all customers.

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Plant Hire, Tools and Equipment for Spring Landscaping Projects

As the weather is starting to look more and more like spring, now is a great time to start sourcing tools and materials for any spring landscaping projects.

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FTH Guildford Hire Hub is on the Move…

We are pleased to announce that the FTH Guildford Hire Hub will be moving to a brand new facility in Unit 29 Midleton Enterprise Park, Midleton Industrial Estate Guildford GU2 8FT.

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What Telehandler Will I Need for my Construction Project?

If you need to do a lot of loading, unloading, moving or placing, you’ll more than likely need a telescopic handler to help on your construction site.

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Why Use a Hydraulic Breaker Attachment Over a Handheld Breaker?

A traditional handheld breaker does a fantastic job at breaking down surfaces. However, an alternative to a handheld breaker is using an excavator coupled with a hydraulic breaker attachment.

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Myths about Electric Plant Hire Machinery

More and more industries are going greener, by moving to electric and eco-friendly alternatives for their means of production. The Plant Machinery industry is certainly no exception.

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HR17 Boom Lift Successfully Installing Lights on 30ft Christmas Tree in Southampton

When it came to putting lights on the Christmas tree outside Southampton General Hospital, an FTH Hire Group HR17 4x4 Self Propelled Boom Lift was hired to get the job done.

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New Hybrid Technology Powering the Future of Construction

FTH Hire Group have a number of hybrid Diggers and excavators in our fleet, available for immediate hire from all of our depots across the South-East.

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Keeping your Construction Site Running Through the Winter Months

As the weather is starting to turn a bit colder, it’s becoming clear that winter is just around the corner.

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FTH Hire Group: A Certified Member of the Safehire Certified Scheme

FTH Hire Group is proud to be a certified member of the Safehire Certified Scheme from Hire Association Europe.

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FTH Hire Group Proudly Attending the Kent Construction Expo 2021

FTH Hire Group will be on stand 375 at the event, hosted at the Kent Event Centre in Detling on the 7th October.

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The Benefit of Hiring New Machines & Equipment

When choosing a tool or plant hire company to hire from, you might have a few factors that you may want to take into account.

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Electric Plant Machinery: The Future of Construction?

Following the recent acquisition of Kelsey Plant Hire; FTH Hire Group are proud to introduce a number of electric plant hire machinery to our fleet.

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New Hybrid 4x4 Self-Propelled Boom Lifts join the FTH Hire Group Fleet

Brand New Self-Propelled Boom Lifts available and in stock from FTH Hire Group.

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New Hub in Horsham

The last few weeks have been particularly exciting for FTH as we continue to grow as a business. Not only have we been expanding our fleet, but we also recently welcomed Kelsey plant hire to the family.

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Brand New to FTH - AVANT 860i

Lighten your load with our brand new and ready-to-hire Avant 860i. These multi-functional loaders come complete with Optidrive™ - improving drive performance and power.

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Prop pal

The Prop Pal Needle System is a genuine piece of equipment thought of and designed by a builder, for builders. It's a revolutionary new propping method that delivers on all fronts.

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Expanding our Fleet - New Stock

For the next year, FTH has committed to a multi-million-pound investment into new and improved tool and plant equipment, with a 30% increase in the plant fleet alone.

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Quality equipment, always in stock

Hire quality equipment, which is always in stock at FTH.

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About FTH

Find out more about us and our commitment to you as our customers ...

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