Surveying EquipmentSurveying Equipment Available to Hire from FTH

Here at FTH Hire Group, we stock a wide range of laser and surveying equipment available to hire from all of our Hire Hubs across the South East. Our surveying equipment can help you make sure your construction project is as safe and accurate as possible, and help you plan out your construction process to the last detail.

From interior and exterior laser levels for measuring horizontal and vertical angles to cable avoidance tools for underground inspections - FTH have a range of specialist survey equipment for hire.

Here are just a few examples of the Surveying Equipment available to hire.

Site Level

This is a fully automatic level for engineers, builders and surveyors with a gas filled weatherproof telescope.

The level features a concave base for swift setting up, supplied with tripod and staff.

Exterior Laser Level

A self-levelling construction laser, perfect for external use. This level is easy and quick to set up damage due to robust design and build quality.

This level is part of our Core 80 product promise, and therefore always in stock and ready to hire from our hire hubs.

C.A.T. Signal Generator

This dual frequency transmitter is used to help a cable avoidance tool or C.A.T. Detector to detect cables and pipes that don’t generate a natural signal of their own. This generator allows you to detect cables and pipes over a greater distance and depth.

You can hire both the C.A.T. Signal Generator and C.A.T. Detector from FTH Hire Group.

Gas Detector

If your construction project involves work with Gas pipes, or your construction project is near Gas supplies; this personal gas detector is a useful piece of kit to help keep you and your colleagues safe.

This gas detector can monitor up to 4 different gases and displays current and peak levels. It can also be used to check potentially hazardous areas prior to entering the zone yourself.

Find out more about our Gas Detector available to hire here.

Not Sure What Surveying Equipment You Need?

If you are not sure what surveying equipment you need for your construction project, please get in touch with us at FTH Hire Group. You can email us at, or visit your nearest hire hub in Farnborough, Guildford, Farnham, Basingstoke, Reading, Maidstone, Horsham, and our latest hire hub in Southampton.

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