Electric Digger Hire

Electric Plant Machinery: The Future of Construction?

Following the recent acquisition of Kelsey Plant Hire; FTH Hire Group are proud to introduce a number of electric plant hire machinery to our fleet. From the Fully Electric 1.9 Tonne Digger to Electric Dumpers, and Electric Loaders.

As many industries are seeing a shift to greener technologies, it is clear that electric plant machinery is certainly here to stay.

Advantages of Electric Plant Machinery

There are plenty of advantages of working with electric plant machinery rather than their diesel counterparts. The main one is that they produce zero emissions. This is a clear step in the right direction in working towards the UKGBC’s target of Net-Zero carbon emissions in the construction industry by 2050. Due to the emissions, a major benefit is they can work in enclosed spaces. Machines such as the Sherpa Electric Mini Loader can work indoors in many tight spaces. Due to its size, it can easily fit through a conventional doorway and with no harmful emissions, can be used in basements as well as other internal spaces, proving invaluable to all who operate them.

These powerful machines are also able to work a full day at a construction site on a single charge, with no loss of power. This makes them no different to their diesel alternatives. Then with each charge being much cheaper than filling up a diesel alternative, you’ll be spending less to keep your construction sites running.

We expect that just around the corner, we’ll be seeing more electric plant machinery and equipment added to the FTH Hire Group Fleet as demand for this kind of machinery increases. Particularly working towards including them in our Core 80 product line. Products that are guaranteed to always be in stock and ready for hire.

Looking to Hire Electric Plant Machinery?

If you’re interested in hiring out some electric plant machinery from FTH Hire Group - get in touch with us today. If you have any questions about any of the plant machinery we offer, please email us:, and we’ll be happy to help.

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