Prop Pal

Forget old fashioned wall support methods

Unlike conventional and unsafe methods used in the building trade to date, the Prop Pal needle is designed so that a builder’s prop location into the needle is locked in position once it has been wound up.

At the other end, the swivel plate has 4 holes where it can be fixed to the floorboards, securing it in position.

AND…Dual Application: The Prop Pal method (using the jacking screw plate) OR as standard needle support (once the jacking screw plate has been removed)

Proof tested to 1500kg load

The Prop Pal needle is manufactured from HR4 steel and has been proof tested to a safe load capacity of 1500kg.

To achieve this capacity means that it was proof tested to 3000kg with no deflection. So, a safe load of 1500kg is well within its capability.

Installation is quick and easy

– minimal disturbance to flooring and ceiling when using the jacking screw plate

– length 1200mm creating more space for working around and installing steel beams

– acrow prop slots at both ends of the needle for extra security

– dimensions of the needle (w: 170mm and d: 65mm) allows for Prop Pal needles to fit easily through the size of one brick – SWL 1500kg and made from HR4 mild steel with stainless steel components for greater durability and strength.

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