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Free Delivery when you Hire an Ecosmart Welfare UnitFree Delivery when you Hire an Ecosmart Welfare Unit

The Ecosmart Welfare Unit is an ultra-modern temporary facility – packed with the latest technology and is a vital piece of equipment during the cold winter months ahead.

Our 6, 10, 12 and 16-person Ecosmart Welfare Units provide ultimate on-site comfort whilst incorporating a number of eco-friendly elements designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency and help the environment.

Order an Ecosmart Welfare Unit from FTH before the 31st March 2023 and we’ll deliver it to you nationwide for FREE!*

Welfare units provide access to utilities such as power, water, and drainage in areas where mains utilities are not available. This is essential for providing your employees with a comfortable and safe place to take breaks and rest during their workday.

Facilities can include office and desk space, canteen facilities, toilets, and a drying room. Whether your project is large or small, these welfare units can help improve the well-being of your staff.

This is especially important during the winter months when harsh weather conditions can make it difficult for workers to do their job effectively and safely. Our Welfare units can keep your workers safe and comfortable through the rain, hail, snow and low temperatures.

These units are self-contained and not connected to mains power or drainage, making them incredibly easy to move. They can be set up on your construction site in under 45 seconds! These units are also incredibly economical, efficient, and require very little maintenance.

Looking to Hire an Ecosmart Welfare Unit?

To find out more about our Ecosmart Welfare Units available to hire, please click here – or if you have any questions about our welfare units, please get in touch with one of our team today at, or contact your local hire hub.

*Minimum 4-week hire period, free delivery applicable to new hires starting before 31st March 2023, collection charges and T&Cs apply.

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