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The FTH Guide to Diamond Blades

You’ve hired your saw or cutting equipment – now you need to choose a diamond blade for your job. But which one do I need? This guide will give you an insight into which one to choose.

There are a variety of Diamond Blades available, depending on the size required, application and material you’re cutting. The Spectrum range from OX Tools, which is stocked and available for sale at FTH Hire Hub trade counters for your hire equipment or own machine, are the best available on the market for both professional and DIY user.

What Are Diamond Blades?

A diamond blade is a saw blade that is designed to cleanly and safely cut through hard materials such as concrete, asphalt, granite, and other tough surfaces. The blade's cutting edge is embedded with diamond crystals, one of the hardest known materials, which gives it superior cutting power and durability. 

OX Diamond BladesThey are renowned for their exceptional cutting capabilities, making them an essential tool in many industries. From construction and masonry to precision engineering and manufacturing, these blades offer exceptional performance and longevity. 

The cutting action of diamond blades is not based on traditional teeth like those found on wood-cutting saws. Diamond blades actually use a grinding action. The diamonds embedded in the blade's segments grind the material away, creating a clean and precise cut. This grinding process also generates heat, which is why many diamond blades are designed for wet cutting, utilising water to cool the blade and reduce dust.

Understanding what makes diamond blades unique and how to choose the right one for your needs can significantly enhance your project's efficiency and outcome.

What Material Can Diamond Blades Cut?

FTH Hire Group choose to stock OX Diamond Blades for their quality and exceptional cutting ability, available in a range of performance classes:

Standard Series – an entry level contractor range.

Trade Series – offers exceptional value for budget conscious customers.

Pro Series – the best-selling range of superior blades.

Ultimate Series – a premium product and the top end of the range.

Within each of the series above, there are 4 classes depending on the material you need to cut:

X-Class – hard materials and metal, hard natural stone, clay and engineering bricks.

CX-Class – concrete, general purpose, unabrasive products and building products.

CA-Class – abrasive materials, concrete, asphalt and concrete roof tiles.

A-Class – asphalt and extremely abrasive products, cement screed and lignacite blocks.

Within the range there are specialist products such as: 

  • Floor saw blades

  • Mortar raking blades with a 6mm wide segment width

  • Tile cutting blades with a smooth continuous rim for fine clean cuts, as well as cup grinders and planning heads.

Diamond Blade GuideDo FTH Supply Products For Diamond Core Drilling?

The OX range is available for FTH diamond drilling equipment. Including dry core drilling, tile drilling and wet core drilling. Made from high grade steel and available in a wide range of popular diameters and lengths.

OX Diamond bladesAre They Safe To Use?

OX Tools Spectrum Diamond Blades offer a comprehensive safety guarantee and conform to European and UK standard EN13236. 

Don’t forget, when working with drilling equipment, ensure the correct personal protective equipment is used – also available from our Hire Hubs.

Do FTH Supply The Cutting Equipment For Hire?

Yes we do! 

We have a range of brick saws, floor saws, masonry bench saws, tile cutting saws and angle grinders and diamond drills in our hire fleet. It makes perfect sense to hire your tools from FTH, along with the right Diamond Blade or Core to suit the material and requirements of your project. Our friendly team are here to advise and help you choose the right blade for your equipment and job.

Hire today with us!

Did you know we supply plant machinery and tools to businesses around the South East of England and Scotland? Our hire hubs are located in Farnborough, Farnham, Basingstoke, Guildford, Reading, Maidstone, Horsham, Southampton and Airdrie. Contact your local hire hub today.

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