What To Consider When Hiring A Roller 

Compaction is the first step in any major construction job. Putting it simply, rollers work by compacting foundation and base materials, essential if you want a stable surface with significantly increased load bearing capacity.

Rollers at FTH Hire Group are single and double drum vibratory models which compact materials such as stone, asphalt, gravel and soil by vibrating the naturally loose particles within these materials. Ensuring the chances of the foundation shifting are greatly reduced due to the tight compaction of particles.

Think about your site specifications!

  • Careful consideration of key factors is paramount to ensure optimal efficiency and project success. 

  • Evaluate the size and weight capacity of the roller to match the specific requirements of your construction site. 

  • Assess the type of terrain the roller will be navigating, as different models are designed for varied surfaces. 

  • The power source is another crucial aspect; whether diesel, gas, or electric, the choice should align with the project's environmental and operational needs.

  • Enquire about the roller's compaction performance and frequency options to guarantee the desired level of soil compaction. 

  • Don't overlook maintenance requirements and availability of service support, as minimising downtime is essential for meeting project timelines. 

By thinking about all of this, you can make an informed decision when hiring a specific roller for your project.

Know your soil type

There are two main types of compactable soil: cohesive and granular. Cohesive soil has tiny slits and clays bound together, while granular soil is anything from fine sand to medium gravel. If you recognise the soil in your job site, you’ll understand how best to compact it – different compacting equipment and rollers work better on different soil variations. But in general, cohesive soils need impactful force, while granular soil only requires vibratory compaction.

Roller hire options

Here at FTH Hire Group, we have a wide variety of rollers in various sizes and specifications:

Single Drum Pedestrian Roller

Suitable for single person operation, these diesel rollers are ideal for repair and maintenance work on roads, footpaths and landscape environments. Designed for easy handling with low hand-arm vibrations, its compact footprint can be used in confined spaces. 

Twin Drum Ride On Roller

Two vibrating roller drums, available in 800mm or 1200mm widths, provide great visibility for accurate guidance and can operate flush against curbs, walls and other obstructions. Well suited for road laying, garden construction and landscaping tasks. 

Trench Roller

Remote controlled trench rollers are a small, manoeuvrable option with an articulated joint and low centre of gravity. At 820mm wide, trench rollers are perfect for compacting base layers particularly on cohesive soils and clays. Hydraulic articulated steering offers good traction without freshly compacted soil being torn open when the drums turn.

13T Diesel Roller

This 13T drum roller has all the mod cons – air conditioning, adjustable seat and steering wheel, media system and even charging sockets! The operator can see what they’re doing with a 180 degree swivel seat and perfect view from both sides. With a 2130mm drum width, it is ideal for heavy compaction work on thick fill layers such as large-scale projects in road construction, motorways and railway tracks.

How Can We Help You?

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