Myths about Electric Plant Hire MachineryMyths about Electric Plant Hire Machinery

More and more industries are going greener, by moving to electric and eco-friendly alternatives for their means of production. The Plant Machinery industry is certainly no exception.

Here at FTH Hire Group, we already have a number of electric plant machinery, including the Fully Electric 1.9 Tonne Digger to Electric Dumpers, and Electric Loaders. We also have a wide range of hybrid machines such as the 1.0 ton Hybrid Micro Digger, and the Hybrid 1.9 Ton Digger.

These Electric machines have already become very popular with our clients, and there are many advantages to hiring these machines. But along with this electric plant hire machinery, come several myths that might make people wary to make the change to Electric.

Electric Machines aren’t strong enough to do the job

This is one of the most common misconceptions about electric plant machinery. Electric machines are in fact just as powerful, if not more powerful than Diesel machines.

Our ED1500 Electric Dumper has a maximum safe load of 1500kg, which is comparable to similar size Diesel Dumpers. Therefore, you can be sure that Electric Plant is up for the job.

Electric Machinery regularly needs charging

Yet another reason why people may not opt for electric machines is the belief that they do not last long on a single charge, making them difficult to use for a full day of work.

This is in fact not the case, these machines are more than capable of working for a full working day cycle. Most users report 4-6.5 hours per day and on average that’s the same usage a diesel digger will have on any given day.

Hybrid Diggers still have emissions

Whilst hybrid diggers can still produce emissions, due to their diesel motor, they only produce emissions if in diesel mode. This mode is set by the operator and therefore can be used in a zero-emission electric mode.

Using a Generator to Charge the Digger Defeats the Object of using Electric Plant to reduce Emissions

Whilst charging the battery from a generator does have an impact on emissions, it does still depend on whether the power is coming from renewable or fossil sources.

Additionally, the added benefit of having electric plant machinery is the impact on air quality. Using zero-emission electric plant hire for indoor construction areas can greatly improve the health and longevity of those operating.

It Doesn’t Affect Health and Safety On-Site

Construction sites are notoriously loud environments, particularly with noisy machinery. This can lead to more accidents, as people don’t hear instructions.

Electric plant machinery is very quiet when operating, allowing those on-site to hear external noise around them and communicate more effectively.

Looking to hire Electric Plant Machinery?

If you’d like to hire out plant machinery from FTH Hire Group, whether it be Electric or Diesel Machinery, take a look at our Plant Hire pages. You can also email us at, and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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