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Road Surfacing Essentials

At FTH Hire Group, we stock a wide range of surfacing tools for road construction, maintenance and most importantly for road repairs. This is a very busy department for The FTH Hire hubs, with councils, highways and private individuals looking to repair potholes as well as maintaining main roads as well as private roads and driveways. 

In road construction and repair, surfacing tools are vital for creating smooth, durable, and even road surfaces. Each tool serves specific functions in the paving process. They help in removing imperfections, levelling uneven surfaces, and providing a refined texture to ensure structural integrity and overall look. Advanced surfacing tools often incorporate technologies such as laser levelling and diamond abrasives, enhancing precision and efficiency in construction projects.

ThermoplasticAt FTH Hire Group, for large external construction projects, we hire Wacker Plates, Trench Rammers and Rollers for surfacing, tarmac and asphalt contractor customers.

As well as other specialist surfacing hire equipment, we also have a wide selection of high-quality materials and products for sale at our Trade Counters, which play a key part in completing road repairs or tarmac jobs.

Here are some of the most popular items we stock:

Over Banding

The overbanding tape we sell is designed for quick and easy application to asphalt roads, for pothole repairs or reinstatement joints to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting, 

This anti-skid over banding tape is HAPAS approved, available in 35mm x 5m rolls and it can be cut to the required length to avoid wastage.

Line Marking

Durable thermoplastic marking tape, supplied in 100mm x 5m size rolls as standard, is the quick and easy way to permanently install new markings or reinstate road marketings. 

It provides a long life and is operational within minutes of application. Available in red, yellow and white colours.

Tarmac Rakes

Our professional tarmac rakes have a longer handle and a wider head than traditional rakes, with round teeth and sharp points to allow them to penetrate and move easily through the material to level out. 

They have been designed to cope with tough tarmac paving conditions and we stock rakes with steel or metal handles.

Earth Rammer

With a heavy and large square flat head constructed from steel, our earth rammer is a cost effective way to level ground before commencing building work. You can make quick work of compacting areas of tarmac or asphalt as well as earth, sand and backfill.

Tar Brushes

Long and short handled tar brushes are ideal for applying bitumen, tar or similar viscous materials to road repairs. Perfect for preparation and sealing, these short handled brushes have soft coco bristles for a smooth and precise finish, while the long handled versions are made with strong black fibres for durability.

Tar Bucket

We stock a heavy duty galvanised V-Lip tar bucket, with a carrying handle. It has a useful side pouring handle and also a shaped spout for more accurate pouring. This is an essential extra for road maintenance, roofing contractors and civil engineers.

Tack Coat Emulsion

Available in a 25 litre container, tack coat is cold applied and when laid it gives an adhesive bond between an existing surface and any bituminous overlay. The quick setting K140 will speed up the operation and give exceptional adherence to surfaces, even in damp conditions.

Tarmac Sheet

Our tarmac sheets, 18' x 12', are made from waxed jute material to protect freshly laid tarmac from the elements, keeping it warm. 


In addition to the above, we also stock a range of additional tarmac and road essentials, such as Bitukold spray, cold pour, water containers, galvanised watering can and galvanised wheel barrow.


Don’t forget, when working with surfacing equipment, ensure the correct personal protective equipment is used. If you are unsure about your requirements, speak to a member of our team who will be able to advise the most appropriate item to purchase.

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