Why Use a Hydraulic Breaker Attachment Over a Handheld Breaker?

If you need to break down road surfaces, foundations, or reinforced concrete, you’re going to need some kind of breaker equipment to help you get the job done.

The traditional heavy-duty handheld breaker does a fantastic job at effortlessly cutting through and breaking down surfaces, and you may well see this kind of equipment being used on road works across the country.

However, an alternative to a handheld breaker is using an excavator coupled with a hydraulic breaker attachment (also known as a pecker or hammer attachment). There are several advantages to using a hydraulic breaker attachment over a handheld breaker, particularly when working on larger construction projects.

Advantages of Hydraulic Breaker Attachments

One clear advantage is operator comfort; using a hydraulic breaker attachment helps to avoid the physical strain of handheld operation.

Most larger projects also require the use of an excavator for digging, therefore using a hydraulic breaker attachment means that you can fully utilise the machine whilst you have it.

A breaker attachment can be used for thick breaking concrete and tarmac, meaning you can get the job done safer, more efficiently and with minimal effort from the seat of the excavator. These powerful breaker attachments from FTH pack a punch.

Using a breaker attachment also limits the damage to any other equipment. For example, if you’re using an excavator and you stumble upon harder material in the ground; the teeth on the bucket get damaged. A breaker attachment can easily be swapped with the bucket and help break up the material in a fraction of the time compared to a handheld breaker.

Of course, there are some instances that call for a handheld breaker, such as smaller projects, or if the equipment needs transporting in a van or truck. A handheld breaker is also useful if you need to operate in tight areas with heavy traffic flow.

Looking to Hire out a Hydraulic Breaker Attachment or Handheld Breaker?

If you’re looking to hire out an excavator with a hydraulic breaker attachment, or a handheld breaker, visit us at FTH Hire Group. Our range of high quality hydraulic breaker attachments are available to hire, and can be fitted to almost all of our excavators from 1 to 13 tonnes. See our full range of excavators here.

We also have a selection of handheld breakers, perfect for smaller projects.

If you have any questions about any of the plant hire or equipment that we have on offer, please email us at You can also register for an online account with us, meaning that you can easily organise your plant hire and equipment needs online.

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