The Benefit of Hiring New Machines & Equipment

When choosing a tool or plant hire company to hire from, you might have a few factors that you may want to take into account. Availability of the right equipment is one of the most important factors; as well as delivery options, how far it is from you, and, of course, the cost of hiring the machine or tools.

But here’s why at FTH Hire Group, we believe you should take one more thing into consideration when hiring plant machinery, tools, and other construction equipment; how new the equipment is.

Of course, it is always a benefit to get a shiny new piece of machinery or equipment, but there are some other advantages that you may not have thought about;

Improved Reliability - The older the machine is, the more likely it is to go wrong. If something breaks down with your hired equipment, it could take time to repair it or get it replaced, costing you time and money.

More Powerful Machines - Newer machines often have much better tech loaded into them, so they are able to take on bigger jobs than older machines.

Lower Emissions - Along with the newer technology of these new machines comes lower emissions. Some of our machines, such as our hybrid and electric machines put out little or no emissions into the environment.

More Appealing to Site Visitors - Seeing brand new equipment on a site always looks good to any potential visitor on your site.

At FTH Hire Group we see the benefit of new machinery and equipment for our customers. That’s why we make sure that none of the plant machinery that you hire from us is more than 18 months old. 

In addition, we also have our Core 80 Product Promise; which is our commitment that our quality products and machines that we can guarantee we will always have in stock. 

With hire hubs all over the Southeast including Farnborough, Guildford, Farnham, Basingstoke, Reading, Maidstone and Horsham; you’ll never be far from FTH Hire Group if you’re in the South East of England.

Looking to Hire New Plant Machinery or Equipment?

If you’re looking to hire new plant machinery or equipment from FTH Hire Group - get in touch with us today. If you have any questions about any of the machines and equipment we offer, or have a question about our Core 80 product line; please email us:, and we can help.

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