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Hire Equipment Your Event Can Rely On

If you're organising a large-scale event this summer and require reliable event hire equipment, look no further then FTH Hire Group. We have an extensive inventory of over 2000 products available; offering a comprehensive selection of lifting and powered access equipment, together with specialist vehicles, lighting and welfare facilities to help ensure the success of your event, whatever the size.

When would you need to hire equipment?

Gators at an eventThere are stages of event production that would require hiring equipment for. These stages are:

  • Pre-Event - This is when you need to set up the area of the event. This could be protecting the ground, setting the area for controlling the crowd, or erecting temporary structures with the help of our telehandlers, boom lifts and scissor lifts.
  • During The Event - This can be keeping the event running with power (using our generators), having welfare facilities available and lighting areas for the public that are being used.
  • Post Event - This can be using the same equipment used in the pre-event stage to help set down the structures created.

What can you hire from FTH for your events?

Utility Vehicles

Our range of utility vehicles has been fully thought out to facilitate efficient transport of people and equipment across event sites. Whether for setup, management, or breakdown, our utility vehicles deliver reliability and performance.

View our full range of hire vehicles.


Telehandlers are heavy duty machines used for moving heavy equipment and large objects with ease. Available in heights ranging from 4m to 18m, whatever the size of your event, FTH Hire Group has a telehandler to meet your specific requirements. 

View our full range of telehandlers for hire.

Boom liftsBoom Lifts

Boom lifts provide flexible and elevated access for tasks, such as setting up event structures, decorations, or lighting. Boom lifts are indispensable for your event and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The lifts’ articulating or telescopic booms ensure safe and efficient event preparation and dismantlement.

View our full range of boom lifts.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts, available in diesel or electric variants, offer elevated platforms for tasks such as installing lighting rigs or perhaps conducting maintenance. With a large and stable platform, there is plenty of room for equipment as well as technicians. Their manoeuvrability and versatility make them ideal for event-related operations.

View our full range of scissor lifts


Illuminate your event with our mobile LED lighting tower, providing powerful and efficient lighting solutions to keep your venue well-lit and visually appealing, especially during evening events.

View our event lighting.

Crowd Control

Maintain order and safety at your event with our range of crowd control solutions. From perimeter fencing to queue management systems, we offer a range of equipment to maintain order and security.

View our full range of crowd control equipment.

telehandlers at an eventGenerators

Keep your event running smoothly with our range of generators. Available in various sizes to meet your power requirements. Our generators ensure continuous and reliable power supply for all your electrical equipment needs.

View our full range of generators.

Ground Protection

Protect the ground underfoot and provide a stable surface by hiring ground guards. Our ground guards are used to form temporary roadways and pathways for equipment, vehicles and pedestrians. They are lightweight and easy to install onto grass or soft ground to protect from damage.

View our full range of ground protection

Welfare Facilities

For added comfort and convenience at your event, we provide comprehensive welfare facilities. We have portable chemical toilets featuring cold or hot handwashing facilities, ensuing hygiene and comfort for attendees. We can also supply eco welfare units for on-site management or set-up personnel, from 6 to 16 people in capacity. These units offer functional toilets, storage space and a fully equipped kitchen for added convenience.

View our full range of welfare facilities.

Event Equipment Hire from FTH Hire Group

Are you ready to equip your events with top-tier equipment, tools, machinery and welfare solutions? FTH Hire Group are perfectly placed to support the summer season of sporting events, festivals, celebrations and air shows throughout the south of England as well as in Scotland. Please click to view our full range of event equipment hire.

Hire today with us!

Did you know we supply plant machinery and tools to businesses around the South East of England and Scotland? Our hire hubs are located in Farnborough, Farnham, Basingstoke, Guildford, Reading, Maidstone, Horsham, Southampton and Airdrie. Contact your local hire hub today.

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