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Ensuring Safety and Success at Outdoor Events

To ensure a memorable and safe outdoor event, organisers must always carefully consider the equipment needed that will help to ensure safety for all attendees as well as staff. It must also ensure smooth running for all aspects of the event. Having the right equipment at your disposal is essential. 

Below we will provide you with examples of key pieces of event equipment that FTH Hire Group can provide for any outdoor event. In particular, we assisted at a large and very successful county cycle event at the end of the year. The main challenge was the time of year the event was being held.

Essential equipment for outdoor events

Outdoor events can sometimes be a challenge. With seasonal weather conditions, number of attendees, as well as many other factors depending on the type of event you are organising. This is a comprehensive list of the hire products we can offer, along with many other pieces of equipment, designed to ensure safety and success of any event:

  • Utility vehicles offer versatile transportation for personnel and equipment.

  • Telehandlers excel in heavy lifting and reaching elevated areas. 

  • Boom lifts facilitate access to high points with safety features in place.

  • Scissor lifts provide stable platforms for tasks in crowded spaces. 

  • Event lighting is designed to illuminate grounds, stages and other key areas.

  • Crowd control equipment ensures safety and orderliness. 

  • Generators supply power, with backup options essential for uninterrupted operations. 

  • Welfare facilities such as toilets and hand wash stations ensure attendee comfort and hygiene.

  • Scaffold towers provide sturdy platforms for construction tasks.

  • Material lifts streamline heavy equipment transport. 

The Clanfield CX Cycle Event

Ground guards at Clanfield CX Cycle EventOur team recently contributed to the success of the Clanfield CX Cycle Event in Clanfield, Hampshire. Having supplied many outdoor events in the past, our Southampton hire hub had an excellent understanding of the importance of smooth logistics and ensuring the comfort and safety of both participants and visitors. We were delighted to deploy our expertise and resources to support this exciting event.

Particularly in this country, the unpredictability of the weather conditions means that you should always prepare for any eventuality. The Clanfield CX cycle event posed a particular challenge due to the potential for muddy and uneven ground, which could have impeded access and posed safety risks for attendees. To address this challenge head-on, our team stepped in with yet another great solution: ground guards.

With the help of our 4m Telehandler, we laid 200 mats to provide a temporary floor for visitor and participant traffic. These ground guards not only provided a stable surface for all, but also played a crucial role in preserving the integrity of the grassy terrain.

Outdoor Event Equipment Hire

Ground guards at Clanfield CX Cycle EventThe success of all outdoor events hinges on careful planning, as well as foresight to have the essential equipment available. From utility vehicles to event lighting, each piece of equipment plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operation and safety for all. Save time, effort and money by hiring all the equipment you need for a successful outdoor event from FTH Hire Group.

If you have any questions about what equipment would suit your event then please get in touch with one of our experienced team. Simply send us an email to or request a quote for your event. 

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