Looking to Hire an Electric Mini Loader? A Few Reasons Why...

Sherpa 100 Eco2 Electric Mini Skidsteer Loader

Looking to Hire an Electric Mini Loader?Do you require a versatile machine that’s able to move and transport materials across your construction site? Then you’ll more than likely be looking at a mini loader. The FTH Hire Group are here to provide construction sites with tomorrow’s machinery today. That’s why we’ve got a fleet of the versatile Sherpa 100 Eco2 electric mini Skidsteer loaders, available for UK-wide hire. So if you are looking to hire an electric mini loader, here are a few reasons why…

Our Sherpa 100 Eco2 electric mini Skidsteer loader is one of the most compact loaders on the market at the moment. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also incredibly versatile, and can go where most larger loaders can’t.

A Strong Yet Compact Mini Loader

You might think that an electric mini loader won’t be able to handle large amounts of materials compared to a diesel alternative. But don’t be so sure. This compact loader has a breakout force of up to 596KG so it can easily lift the same amount as a similar-sized diesel machine.

The Sherpa 100 Eco2 electric mini Skidsteer 2 speed loader also has a tractive force of up to 265KG, which has comfortably enough power to move large amounts of materials around your construction site.

The compact size and weight of this mini loader also allow it to operate in tighter spaces than any of the larger loaders. The width of this machine is only 76cm, making it small enough to fit through a standard doorway. This makes it the perfect machine for indoor and outdoor working areas where space is tight.

Durable, Long-Lasting & Zero-Emissions

The Sherpa 100 Eco2 electric mini Skidsteer loader is able to last for a whole 8-hour working day on a single charge. If you are looking to use the loader for longer periods, the battery interchange system means that you can work non-stop for 24-hours a day.

It will no doubt be able to work with you whenever you need it. The added advantage to having an electric mini loader is that they produce zero emissions, making them much better for the environment than diesel loaders.

A Range of Mini Loader Accessories

Choosing the right accessories to go with your loader depends on your construction project. If you need any advice on what accessories are best to use, please ask when you get in touch with any one of our hire hubs.

Looking to Hire an Electric Mini Loader?

If you’d like to hire a Sherpa 100 Eco2 electric mini Skidsteer loader for your construction site project, then please get in touch with the FTH Hire Group. Or why not get a quote for your next hire.

These mighty yet small eco loaders are available for hire across Farnham, Farnborough, Basingstoke, Guildford, Reading, Maidstone, Horsham, Southampton, Chelmsford and Airdrie. We cover Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, London, Lanarkshire and further afield for all eco plant hire. Please see all contact details for the hire hubs.

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