FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera

Code: 9918

A thermal camera that's small enough to fit in your pocket - introducing the FLIR C2, the pocket-sized, lightweight and affordable thermal camera! Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, the C2 can be used to spot problems with insulation, detect overheating components in electrical systems, view the temperature of pipes and much more.

Extremely easy to use, the camera can be picked up and used by anyone and makes capturing thermal images as simple as possible. The camera has a built-in 80 x 60 pixel thermal detector and produces images with over 4000 pixels worth of data.

To improve the quality of the image, the C2 also uses FLIR's MSX technology to enhance a thermal image by blending it together with a standard digital image (making it significantly easier to spot what the camera was pointing at when the image was taken).

Making adjustments to functions and capturing images is easy with this camera thanks to the built-in 3" capacitive touchscreen. Using this, users can capture images instantly, change the colour palette, create spot measurements and more. Up to 500 images can be stored internally on the camera before sending to PC via USB connection.

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